Women-Owned Business

Embracing Women Business Owners

Owning a business is a challenge. When you are a woman, it can be even harder. Often you find yourself in rooms full of men which can be daunting. You may not have a strong group of mentors to turn to. And balancing the needs of your business and your family can be a struggle.

On a positive note, women business owners, and companies that are majority owned by women, can benefit from incentives not offered to competitors. There are billions of dollars available to businesses that are certified as women-owned, and we can help you get a piece of that pie by:

  • Guiding you through the Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program, designed to increase federal contracts to women-owned businesses.
  • Helping you attain the proper certification as a women-owned business, which is applicable to businesses where a woman or women own at least 51 percent, manage the operation and have expertise in the field.
  • Counseling you on other means to secure financing.
  • Reviewing ways to increase women-owners in your business.

Women-Owned Business Experience: Led by a women owner of our company, our women-owned business team works to help you identify the incentives available to your business. Having walked in a similar path, we are able to uniquely help women navigate the obstacles of being a business owner. We’ll help you see beyond the numbers to help you manage and grow a successful business.

Women business owners want to work with other women business owners. Contact us so we can help you navigate issues we also face, while also turning you onto funding options to help build and grow your business.