Yes, you read that right! President Trump’s 2016 tax return has been selected for audit. Do I have insider information? Not exactly. According to the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM), the handbook governing IRS operations, the President’s and Vice President’s income tax returns are subject to mandatory audits every year[1].

The IRM also gives specific instructions about processing the President’s returns and Presidential audit procedures. IRS employees are instructed to “make sure that the original returns are not unnecessarily folded or bent, and the edit marks and stamps are neatly placed on the returns, because they will remain permanent documents in the National Archives[2].” President Trump’s tax returns will become public record whether he likes it or not!

Numerous security guidelines are listed in the IRM, including requirements that the President’s and Vice President’s returns be kept in an orange folder and securely locked in a cabinet every time the assigned IRS agent is away from his or her desk[3].

If you’ve been audited before, or are currently undergoing an IRS audit, you can take some small solace in the fact that the President feels your pain.

If this post has piqued your interest in Presidential tax returns, you can view all of the available returns from past presidents and presidential candidates here.

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