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Barnes Dennig works with established and mature corporate clients on international tax issues.

International Tax Accountants – Dayton (OH)

Ohio Business ResourcesDayton businesses with international operations, investments, or partnerships often face a myriad of regulatory, tax, and financial reporting challenges. Not only do these businesses need to satisfy local, state, and national tax authorities, but there is an added layer of compliance when attempting to navigate foreign rules and regulations. The same types of issues exist for international businesses expanding to Ohio when navigating U.S. rules and regulations. To complicate the situation, the recently proposed international tax changes made by the Biden Administration are certain to significantly impact tax planning, structuring, and reporting. The result is a hyper-complicated regulatory landscape that requires careful planning, attention, and structuring to navigate.

Barnes Dennig provides international tax planning, compliance, structuring, and assurance services to Ohio companies with international operations, foreign companies with a U.S. presence, and to those that source, sell, or license products outside of their country of origin. Not only do we help with regulatory matters, but we also work closely with management on more complicated issues such as transfer pricing and entity structuring.

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Dayton International Tax Services

Barnes Dennig provides a unique combination of deep international experience with focused and personalized attention. For small companies beginning to scale up, our team can guide you as your needs grow more sophisticated. For those that have already reached a multi-national status, we can assist with:

  • Tax treaties
  • Cost-efficient taxation of foreign income
  • Asset disclosures

A wide array of inbound and outbound businesses rely on us for help with:

  • Global entity structuring IC-DISC
  • Foreign Tax Credit (FTC) planning
  • Transfer pricing
  • U.S. Subsidiary Reporting
  • Foreign Operations
  • Foreign Bases of Accounting
  • Foreign Currency Reporting and Hedging

Barnes Dennig is a valuable business partner in many aspects of our business. With complex international transactions, relationships, and rules, they provide valuable insight and expertise in helping us to navigate these international situations. I feel BD brings great experience and advice to our business, especially given the small staff of our privately held company.


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About Dayton (OH)

One of the driving forces behind Dayton’s international business success is its strong manufacturing and aerospace sectors. The city has a rich industrial history and is home to several major aerospace and defense companies, including the headquarters of the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) and the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. These institutions have drawn global attention and collaborations, contributing to Dayton’s reputation as a center for aviation and aerospace innovation.

Furthermore, Dayton’s manufacturing prowess extends beyond the aerospace industry. The city is known for its advanced manufacturing capabilities, with companies specializing in automotive, machinery, and other high-tech manufacturing sectors. This expertise has attracted foreign companies seeking to set up operations in the United States and benefit from Dayton’s skilled workforce and business-friendly environment.

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Barnes Dennig provides international tax and assurance services to companies in Dayton and across Ohio. If you are interested in learning how we can assist your organization, complete the form below and a team member will follow up with you promptly.

**Our international tax services are optimized to serve the needs of established and mature businesses with international operations.  

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