Some companies need a helping hand during rapid growth.  At times, just keeping up with customer demands can keep an IT department busy for months or years.  When that happens, it may make sense to have a trusted advisor help you stop and take stock of operations.

In a recent instance, a multi-state construction company planned to invest in their technology infrastructure and was looking for outside guidance.  The business had grown rapidly and the IT department had been working diligently to keep up with demand. The IT Director and CFO asked Barnes Dennig to provide a third-party’s perspective on their infrastructure and to perform an assessment of their current use of technology and recommendations for growth. Barnes Dennig reviewed security, staffing, cloud-based software opportunities, hardware replenishment cycles, and their network configuration.  This resulted in security recommendations, analysis of software usage, benchmarking and support for the leadership team’s IT pieces of the strategic plan.

As trusted advisors, we assist hundreds of businesses with their technology infrastructure.  We are constantly meeting with businesses, keeping up with the latest in technology, and providing perspective on practical applications of current technology.

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