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Here’s How a Distributor beat a Tough Deadline Using Internal Audits

Published on by Robert Ramsay in Technology, Wholesale / Distribution

Here’s How a Distributor beat a Tough Deadline Using Internal Audits

It’s a fact that all businesses face risk. The questions that business leaders need to confront on a daily basis are numerous: Is fraud occurring in your business? Are you complying with regulations? Does staff follow established policies and procedures? As technology and business strategy change, so do the risks and necessary controls.

Our internal controls team at Barnes Dennig works with management to address all the risks faced from a financial, regulatory and reputation perspective. Our goal is to successfully provide you with custom, measurable assurances that your facilities are operating effectively and efficiently. A strong internal control system lessens those risks, creates efficiency and reflects well on your company’s reputation.

Since each business case is entirely unique, the need for a quick and custom internal controls response can arise at any time. In one particular instance, a CFO for an international food distribution company needed internal audits performed at a location in Cincinnati.  He had committed to a thorough site visit within the year.  The company’s internal audit team was short-handed and couldn’t complete the site visit within the deadline.

Barnes Dennig provided four professionals for two weeks to make sure the audit was performed and the CFO met his commitment.  On-time.  On-budget.

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