2017 Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking Study Results Revealed

Kentucky Manufacturing Roundtable

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

Many manufacturers have enjoyed a rebound in recent years, some spectacularly so. On the heels of a recession, this growth presents a different set of challenges. Growing manufacturers need the right infrastructure in place in order to capitalize on all of the new opportunities. Do you have the right talent on staff and the right incentives to keep them engaged?

Barnes Dennig, Custom Design Benefits and USI Insurance recently studied manufacturers’ salaries, benefits and other benchmarking metrics, and we released our findings at this Manufacturers Roundtable.

Each attendee received a copy of the 2017 Manufacturing Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking Study, which will help them compare their organization to others in the region. A well thought out compensation and benefits package may help manufacturers make the most of the current economic environment. To Request your copy of the Benchmarking Study, click here.


Presented by Barnes Dennig, Custom Design Benefits and USI Insurance.

Please note: these events are only for individually and specifically invited guests of Barnes Dennig. If you have not directly received an invitation, please do not register. Please contact Barnes Dennig to see if you are eligible to attend. Thank you for your understanding.


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