Creating Value in an Engineering and Construction Firm

Ohio Construction Roundtable

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Profitability and cash flow are key performance indicators that reflect short-term success.  But what can owners do to drive long-term systemic value in their construction and engineering firms?  Drawing from the book, Creating Value in an Engineering & Construction Firm, by FMI’s Hank Harris, Barnes Dennig’s Jay Rammes, CPA and Dan Holthaus, CPA help owners dial in on the best practices employed by top industry performers to create long-term equity throughout their organization.  As more owners consider their personal long-term succession strategies, maximizing market value is more critical than ever.

In this recording, we discuss:

  • The ideal blueprint for creating and instilling value in your organization
  • The practical, concise information that helps contractors understand what drives systemic value
  • Why your current goals may not set the bar high enough, and how to diagnose and set the goals you need to be successful


This event is presented free of charge by Barnes Dennig, Frost Brown Todd, and USI Insurance.