2016 Wholesale / Distribution Benchmarking Report

Wholesale/Distribution Seminar

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

How do your salary and benefits STACK UP against other local distribution companies?

Presented by: Barnes Dennig and USI Insurance

Recorded Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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Join us as we unveiled the findings of the 2016 Wholesale / Distribution Compensation, Benefits and Benchmarking Study conducted by Barnes Dennig and USI Insurance. Salary, benefits and benchmarking data compiled from tristate distribution companies this summer will provide insights for fine-tuning your 2017 business plan. This benchmarking report will help you determine:

  • How your company’s compensation structure compares to other distributors
  • Benefit offerings – Are yours competitive?
  • How your financial metrics stack up with other distributors

All information is kept confidential. Participants remain anonymous and the final report presents the findings as averages. Companies who participated receive a customized version with their responses included in the weeks following the roundtable.

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Results from Discussion: