SOC 2 vs. SOC for Cybersecurity

The AICPA released a nice comparison of their SOC 2 and SOC for Cybersecurity products.  With all of the concern about data security today, the two products can be valuable.  However, their titles do not explain the differences in audience, scope, purpose, or contents.  Now there is a simple, two-page

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Why Nonprofit Culture Eats Philanthropy for Breakfast

View a Special Thank you Video from Kishshana If you are a non-profit senior executive, development professional or board leader, make sure that you “get the culture within your organization straight in order for it to show on your work and for your donors to believe in your cause.” On

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How Distributors Embrace Inventory Analytics

Inventory and accounts receivable are typically two of the largest assets that a distributor will have and both can significantly influence the viability of the company and the Company’s cash flows.  Most companies are aware of the cash flow implications of receivables and work to ensure that customer balances are

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