2019 Construction Seminar | High Performing Teams | Construction CPA

How Contractors Build Peak Teams:

Optimizing Performance Through High-Functioning, Collaborative Teams

The value of a high-performing team plays a crucial role in organizational success. Yet nearly 80% of teams continue to limit their potential by operating in substandard, dysfunctional levels of engagement. If effective team collaboration can dramatically impact organizational performance and individual outcomes, how should we go about building an effective team?

Join FMI’s Timothy Tokarczyk for a fast-paced presentation to learn:

  • Traits of high-performing teams
  • Benefits of building peak teams
  • Tips on maximizing effective team communication
  • Opportunities for increasing collaboration in the team environment

Through an exploration of the essential ingredients of building a peak team, you will learn how to leverage the strengths of your individual team members to operate at your peak level of performance.

About the Speaker

Timothy J. Tokarczyk is a principal with FMI. He is deeply involved in leadership training, organizational consulting and content development. He also serves as a facilitator at FMI’s Leadership Institute, a four-day program in which participants examine their unique leadership styles and learn how these style influence others. He specializes in leadership development, helping leaders improve their leadership and management skills to operate at their peak level of effectiveness.

Tim has prior experience in recruitment and leadership selection, working to help a high-growth organization more effectively recruit new employees to fit not only the job, but the culture as well. He has also worked as a consultant for a nonprofit consulting firm, providing management, financial, marketing and operational consulting to small business owners.


This presentation is presented and recorded by Frost Brown Todd, Barnes Dennig, North Side Bank & Trust, and USI Insurance.

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