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2015 Kentucky Incentives Program Updates

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2015 Kentucky Incentives Program Updates

Kentucky Corporate Income Tax – KY Business Investment Program

Any business entity engaged in manufacturing, agribusiness, nonretail service or regional/national headquarters is eligible for the program. Kentucky counties are designated “enhanced incentive” eligible by meeting at least one of the three following criteria: counties with an average annual unemployment rate exceeding the state average annual unemployment rate in the five preceding calendar years, counties with an unemployment rate greater than 200% of the statewide unemployment rate for the preceding year, or counties identified as one of the sixty most distressed counties based on a three part test ( three year unemployment, education attainment, and road quality).

Kentucky Corporate Income Tax – KY Environmental Stewardship Credit

Any business entity that manufactures an environmental stewardship product, which is a unique product that has a substantial positive impact on the environment, may qualify for a 100% credit against the Kentucky tax liability generated by the project. Eligible projects must have at least $5,000,000 in eligible costs to participate in the program.

Kentucky Corporate Income Tax – KY Bluegrass Skills Training Investment Credit Program

The skills training investment program promotes employment opportunities for Kentucky residents through tax credits with business and industry. The program provides tax credits to companies for company specific training activities. A company must submit an application and the maximum tax credit amount for individual companies during each 2 year state biennium funding period is the lesser of $100,000 or $500 multiplied by the company’s number of full time Kentucky resident employees.

Kentucky Corporate Income Tax – KY Investment Fund Act credit

The Kentucky Investment Fund Act offers a 40% tax credit to certain personal and corporate investors in approved investment funds. The purpose is to encourage capital investments in the commonwealth of Kentucky, the establishment of small businesses in Kentucky, and the development of new products and technologies in the state through capital investments.

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