GuideStar is a reporting database utilized by near two million nonprofit organizations across the country.  Their database provides a centralized location for nonprofit organizations’ financial records and other nonprofit informationIn addition to these services, they recently announced a new voluntary program with the GuideStar Exchange that is aimed to benchmark diversity.  This new program is designed to track the diversity of who is leading, participating in, and working with various organizations.  The data is collected through an additional set of questions that focuses on an organization’s gender, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, and ability/disability diversity.  The ultimate goal of the initiative is to establish sector-wide standards that nonprofits and foundations can compare themselves to.

If an organization or foundation elects to report their information, they will be able to identify certain diversity trends, gaps, and opportunities.  They will then be able to use this sector information to set goals for their respective organizations and track and evaluate their progress.  Overall, as today’s population continues to change, it is important that nonprofit organizations change with it to ensure that they are able to provide the best possible services to their community.  This new addition to the GuideStar Exchange will provide a much needed service and will hopefully provide a quick and significant impact to the nonprofit sector.