Rachael Cruse CPAOn June 5th, Barnes Dennig connected CFOs of local mental health organizations to promote knowledge sharing and foster new ideas and best practices.  This was one of Barnes Dennig’s recurring luncheons, with previous topics including treasury management, Health Home and ICD-10.

Hot Topics for Mental Health Non-Profits

There were several hot-button topics that came up in the roundtable discussion, including:

  1. Productivity measurement and benchmarking.  The use of staff and client incentives, collaborative documentation, just-in-time scheduling and employee buy-in are all successful tools for bolstering productivity results.  Many of the organizations admitted to lower productivity results than the national average, with each using a different calculation and scorecard for measurement.  A couple of recommendations from the group included offering bus tokens to clients (discounts offered through Metro) to incentivize attending appointments as well as educating new employees on the cash flow cycle of the organization so that they see the importance of their role to the overall success of the organization.
  2. MyCare Ohio questions and resources.  There are free consultants available to offer educational sessions for both providers and clients on the offerings and implementation of the program.  Providers must be careful that they only offer information on the choices available to clients and not offer advice on the plan to choose.

Suggest a Topic

Our next luncheon will be held in the fall of 2014.  Do you have a topic you would like to discuss with the group?  Please contact Rachael Cruse at rcruse@barnesdennig.com.