Economic Forecast Wholesale DistributionThe National Association of Wholesaler Distributors released its latest report with Senior Economic Advisor Alan Beaulieu’s  latest monthly forecast, in which he emphasizes that time is of the essence when it comes to making important business decisions.  While others suggest that the dollar will face extreme downward pressure, Alan indicates that this is years away, and focusing on that now will cause businesses to lose out on the upside potential of the next few years.  Alan notes that wholesaler-distributors will be busy in 2014, busier in 2015, and even busier in 2016.

Strategic Positioning for 2014 & Beyond

Alan has various recommendations for 2014 in order to be in position to take advantage of the opportunities in 2015 and 2016:

  • Train employees to enhance their technical abilities;
  • Upgrade your CRM and ERP systems;
  • Establish new business in unexplored geographic localities.

Benefit of International Operations

If your company is already selling in Europe, this is good news for you;  if your company is not currently doing business in Europe, it should consider expanding.  While there has been little to celebrate in Europe over the past few years, the times are slowly changing.  Manufacturers are heading through the acceleration phase which is good news for distributors who sell in Europe.  The increases in Manufacturing will allow aggressive wholesaler-distributors to find sales opportunities in Europe over the next couple of years.