pkfBarnes Dennig has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with PKF, a global network of accounting firms.  Thanks to this partnership, Barnes Dennig Directors Bill Cloppert and Chad Martin were recently able to attend a conference held by PKF International in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  According to both Cloppert and Martin, the daily seminars proved critical to developing a deeper understanding of how the industry operates in other parts of the world, as well as providing an invaluable networking opportunity.  They also gained new information about the economic conditions in various regions, which will help them in advising clients on their international business operations.

In addition to the daily learning opportunities provided by the conference, Cloppert and Martin also delivered a talk entitled, “Managing Partner Succession.”  The subject matter is an area of expertise for Bill, as he recently retired from his position as Managing Partner at Barnes Dennig.  The pair’s unique insight into the topic of leadership transition proved to be highly effective as they were asked to deliver the presentation again for an upcoming PKF seminar in Miami.

When asked about their key learnings from the event, they cited things like “understanding the challenges of developing economies” and “learning more about the PKF association as a whole”, but the biggest takeaway for both Cloppert and Martin was the realization that no matter the nationality, the businesses they encountered all dealt with the same types of issues.  Explains Martin, “Now that we’re more knowledgeable about both PKF and international business in general, we can better educate ourselves and others in the firm.”  Now, Barnes Dennig is better equipped to advise our clients who are currently or potentially doing business internationally, thanks to our network of PKF contacts throughout the world.

Barnes Dennig is committed to being a global resource for our clients.  To learn more about how our experience and expertise can lend to your international business goals, click here to contact Chad Martin or call (513) 241-8313.