How many sixty year old college students do you know? They are fairly rare, but within the PKF NA member baseBill Cloppert we have one; actually, he is a recent graduate. Bill Cloppert, former managing partner of Barnes Dennig in Cincinnati, Ohio, has recently completed an Executive MBA program at Xavier University. His plan is to teach accounting at their master’s level*.When asked how he became interested in teaching, he explained that he had an interest in it for many years, and his mentoring of Xavier’s full-time accounting students for years has strengthened and solidified his pedagogical ambitions. Before embarking upon his second act, Bill and Barnes Dennig had a transition process in place for 5 years. Steve Hube officially took over the managing partner position at Barnes Dennig on January 1, 2012. Bill retired as a partner on December 13, 2012.

Bill had enrolled in Xaviers’s EMBA program August, 2011, which required a 20 month commitment including an 8 hour day once a week, either Friday or Saturday. It also included a 2 week course in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.

Bill also has been a long-time contributor and supporter of PKF North America. In addition to serving as the Chairman of the Board in 1996, he has served on the Board of Directors and the Membership Committee for many years. He has also served on the Board for International Executive Committee (IEC) from 1997-2001, which led him to attend several PKFI International Symposiums.

Bill has the characteristics to be an outstanding instructor; he knows the technical material, can cite real world examples, communicates well, and demonstrates a strong passion for the topic. Many partners are entering the stage of life for which decisions about the next step are looming. Bill’s advice to his peers is to allow adequate time to think about the next phase. It should be considered that a departure from the firm is space for those coming up in the ranks. Some may find a formal assessment tool to be helpful to assist in the decision process. There are many ways to give back to the community. Whatever path you may choose, Bill believes that it’s important to let go and allow the next generation to take over.

Thank you, Bill, for your outstanding contribution to the accounting industry and PKF North America. Future accounting students at Xavier are extremely fortunate indeed!

As originally published in PKF’s newsletter, The Briefing, Issue 2 of 2013.

*UPDATE: Bill was recently hired as an Adjunct Professor at Xavier.  Congrats, Bill!