n May 14, 2013, Barnes Dennig welcomed the Chally Group to deliver a presentation for our wholesale/distribution niche entitled, “Raising Sales Effectiveness”.  Throughout the presentation, it was noted that one of the most important aspects of building a top notch sales team is to hire those individuals who have already received training within the field and are knowledgeable about the various sales tactics.  In addition, the presenter acknowledged the growing list of universities that are creating majors/minors within the sales field, and others which offer certificate programs.  By building your sales team around those individuals that possess the relevant sales knowledge, your team will be destined for success.

One of the most interesting topics covered during the presentation was a history lesson of what successful firms did during the Great Depression.  A list of “Do’s and Dont’s” was developed from
the outcome of these events, resulting in the winners and losers of the sales industry.  A list of some of the common traits found among the winners and losers are listed below.


  • Focused on tactical remedies
  • Created fire sale options
  • Increased lead generation
  • Developed new business campaigns
  • Cut prices
  • Cut costs


  • Developed a strategic plan
  • Refined their strategic process
  • Pruned the leads funnel
  • Improved service to their best customers
  • Increased prices
  • Maintaining costs

As can be seen from above, those firms that focused on their strengths found the best results in the long run during the Great Depression.  Thus, in developing or refining a sales team that will achieve their highest potential, it is important to build it from the ground up.  By focusing your recruiting efforts on those students  who have been educated in the sales field and remembering lessons learned from past successes, businesses can optimize their sales strategy and ultimately grow.