By Ross Leugers

The Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) has historically held tax payments which–for various reasons–have not been applied to taxpayers’ accounts, nor have they notified businesses of overpayments. Taxpayers that have unknowingly overpaid the Ohio Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) may now see an unexpected, but deserved tax refund.

Ohio Commercial Activity Tax

The ODT is reversing its past policy for overpaid CAT: Governor John Kasich and ODT Commissioner Joe Testa have initiated a plan to return more than $13 million of known overpaid taxes to 3,500 Ohio businesses and will send notices of overpayments to those businesses. If you believe that your business MAY have overpaid the CAT in Ohio, or if you received a notice of overpayment, Barnes Dennig tax consultants can use their experience in identifying and obtaining refunds (including interest). For more details on the CAT overpayment refund opportunity* please contact us at (513) 241-8313.

*Note: There may be unknown tax overpayments associated with improperly sourced Ohio gross receipts and overlooked non-refundable tax credits that can offset remaining CAT paid in the past 4 years (as well as the opportunity to reduce future CAT liabilities). This refund process requires a properly documented, skillfully analyzed, and timely claim to prevail.