In much the same way that the flu can weaken your workforce and leave you short-handed, computer viruses can spread through your organization and wreck your schedule. At best, you will experience downtime while you remove the virus; at worst, valuable information is at risk.

Virus IT CheckupAnd unlike the flu, there is no season for a computer virus. They can hit at any time of the year.

Key Steps to Protect IT Systems:

  • Maintain current spam filters and virus-scanning software on your server and on employees’ desktops.
  • To make sure your virus protection software is in place and up-to-date, establish a central license renewal system. Do not rely on individual employees to renew their own licenses.
  • Periodically remind your employees about the policies you have in place and what they can expect – and what they should not respond to. Chief among them are the bogus “click here to remove virus” pop-up messages that install viruses.

For a more thorough checkup, Barnes Dennig offers a review of your IT controls, which includes interviews with top management, review and documentation of the control environment and testing of key controls. Click here for more information.


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