On September 30, Barnes Dennig Senior Accountant Nancy Blaut and her husband were involved in a horrific accident that took her husband’s life.  The days and weeks since have been an ebb and flow of emotions as Nancy has fought for her own life.  Nancy and her family are still unsure of the full extent of her injuries, and while we are all encouraged by her progress, one thing is certain: the journey will be a long one.

Nancy Blaut Recovery Fund

Nancy Blaut Recovery FundAs her “work family” we felt the least we could do is establish a fund for Nancy.  The goals would be:

  1. To offer each of us an avenue to help Nancy in some small way, and
  2. To provide greater resources for her during her recovery and rehabilitation process.

Due to the extent of her injuries, she may require many things:  physical therapy, wheelchairs, and modifications for mobility.  If you are one of the many who have asked how you can help, please click here and donate to help Nancy.  The donations are not tax deductible but rather a gift to a friend in need.

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