“Uncertainty is the enemy of decision-making, and we are surrounded by it,” economist Alan Beaulieu wrote recently. In his latest report for the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, Beaulieu wrote that distributors should ignore the uncertainty and move in response to market changes, rather than wait idly. He advises that the post-election economy will be much clearer (regardless of the outcome of the election) and that aggressive wholesale distributors will find growth if they are prepared.

NAWOne suggestion for wholesalers who run their own fleet is to develop a plan to become cost effective before gasoline and diesel prices increase to the point where they diminish margins. Wholesale distributors should look to long-term fleet efficiency systems to pay for themselves and to lower costs as energy expenses undermine margin performance.

Beaulieu will be the featured speaker at our 2012 Manufacturers Annual Seminar, to be held November 7 and co-sponsored by DBL Law and Huntington Bank. Click here to register. Speaking points will include how worldwide economic problems will affect the U.S., how long interest rates will stay low, commodities price forecasts, and whether his forecasts for 2013 and 2014 have changed since his appearance at our 2011 Manufacturers Seminar.

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