Barnes Dennig has been recognized in numerous ways for a firm culture that promotes staff development and retention. The industry website highlighted our efforts in a recent article entitled “Happy Employees Make Happy Clients.”

From the article:

The firm’s goal is empowering individuals and organizations to achieve financial success, and [Marketing Director Melissa] Brogan said they’re able to do that by making sure the firm hires people who are on board with that mission.

One of the biggest draws in Brogan’s mind is flexible scheduling. And while most firms have jumped on the bandwagon these days in terms of this offering, it’s been alive and kicking since Brogan joined the firm ten years ago. She notes that each arrangement is individualized to a particular situation.

“I don’t think it’s viewed as something we rolled out, it’s something that we organically came to through good communication,” Brogan said. “It’s not a blanket policy; it’s the dialogue that happens between the manager and the employee and figuring out how it’s going to be beneficial for the employee, the team, and the firm.”

In addition to flexible scheduling, the article cites Barnes Dennig’s Women’s Growth & Development Initiative and Emerging Professionals Group as effective vehicles for developing leadership and instilling camaraderie within the staff. Click here to learn more about a career at Barnes Dennig.


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