A recent survey of IT professionals found that more than half would not bet on the security of their systems, and 84 percent believe an expert hacker could access their corporate network. Their concern reflects the prevalence of cyber attacks and underscores the value of having strong controls over information systems.

IT Controls & SecurityIf you outsource payroll processing, benefits or other cloud-based and networking services to third-party providers, it is important that you have reasonable assurances that the provider also has effective controls over your information and systems. As more businesses outsource those functions, more vendors have access to important systems, and there is a greater risk of a system being compromised.

Barnes Dennig can help in both cases, by offering an IT Controls Checkup and Service Organization Controls services.

We will examine controls over specific processes, as well as the control environment – personnel policies and procedures, management and Board of Director oversight, risk management procedures, and monitoring of controls in place. The IT Controls Checkup will give you peace of mind that your system controls are working properly, and a Service Organization Controls report from your vendor will give you confidence that your vendors also have effective controls in place to protect your systems.

More than 300 IT professionals participated in the survey, which was conducted in February by PhoneFactor, a provider of wireless authentication. The main reason they felt their network might be vulnerable is the prevalence of malware.

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