For manufacturers and distributors who want to get more out of their property, the current issue of our quarterly Manufacturing & Distribution e-newsletter includes two insightful articles.

The cover article for this issue is titled “The Five Keys to Being Green” and offers tips for becoming more energy efficient and environmentally savvy. For instance:

1. Look out. When it comes to being green, one person’s trash truly is another’s treasure. Is your company creating waste that could be used productively by another? If so, pass it along rather than send it to the landfill. For example, one global manufacturer of hygiene products gives its shrink wrap waste to another local manufacturer for use in plastic toys. And a large food manufacturer donates its fruit and vegetable scraps to a local zoo for animal feed.

2. Look in. Changing practices or processes can be challenging, but the payoff can be huge. For example, a national producer of potato chips built a new manufacturing facility using 22 percent recycled materials. The new plant uses 30 percent less energy than industry standards, and waste heat generated from the manufacturing process is used to heat the buildings. Skylights and windows improve lighting conditions and supplement conventional lighting during the day, which reduces overall electricity consumption.

Another article in this issue is titled “Make the Most of Your Space” and includes four low-cost options for manufacturers and distributors who are facing space constraints but are not ready to commit significant capital to an expansion or renovation.

The full list of articles – as well as archived issues – is available at

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