Contractors have been working overtime for a few years now, facing the dual challenges of a struggling economy and desperate competitors. Your customers’ buying habits have changed with the times. As you plot your strategy for the coming years, there are multiple factors you must consider:

When will the economy improve? Which sectors will feel it first? How can I position myself better with customers to compete for new projects?

Join us February 17 as Michael Kanaby, senior consultant with FMI, shares insights into when, where and how the market will turn next – and, most important, how local contractors can take advantage. Click here to register.

FMI, the largest provider of management consulting and investment banking services to the worldwide construction industry, has a team of researchers constantly quantifying and analyzing trends that impact the construction industry, from the general economy to local employment, from population growth to shrinking margins, from “green” initiatives to technical innovations. They complement that data with surveys into the best practices of successful contractors here and nationwide, so you can take away practical, actionable advice.

The 12thAnnual Contractors Seminar is presented free of charge by Barnes Dennig, Graydon Head and North Side Bank.

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