This week’s issue of Becoming a Strategic Partner features an essay by John C. Maxwell about reflecting on the year that has passed and putting it in proper perspective. He offers three suggestions “to help you adopt a mindset that makes the most of 2010”:

  1. See the lessons in every setback.
  2. Show gratitude for the blessings you’ve received.
  3. Turn the page on the past and take joy in today.

Maxwell cites Oprah’s advice about keeping a daily journal of things to be grateful for, and he suggests expressing thanks to folks who have helped you over the past year. It is a way to encourage those people and strengthen your relationship with them.

Maxwell also suggests reviewing your setbacks as a learning exercise:

Failures are stepping-stones to success, not proof of inadequacy. If you’re not stumbling from time to time, then chances are you’re not going anywhere worthwhile.

Failures are not fun, but neither are they fruitless. Opportunities to learn and grow are embedded in every setback we undergo. Instead of dwelling on the disappointment of things gone wrong, seize the insights of the experience. By doing so, you’ll emerge as a stronger person.

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