The Ohio Department of Development has exhausted the Advanced Energy Fund, a state official confirmed today. The grant program was so popular that the ODOD stopped accepting applications November 5, and a recent influx of additional cash was not enough to cover all of the applications that were pending.

“The additional allocation was used to fund qualifying projects that were submitted prior to November 5, and all funds available for this fiscal year have been awarded,” said Preston Boone, energy outreach assistant with the ODOD.

Boone said additional funding could be available after July 1, 2011, but it will be “a limited amount.”

The Advanced Energy Fund awarded grants of up to $200,000 toward the cost of qualified alternative-energy projects. It was set to expire December 31, 2010, but its pool of cash did not last that long.

The Ohio House of Representatives recently voted to extend the Fund for three years, but it is unclear if an extension could pass the Senate, or even if this lame-duck session of the Senate plans to address the issue.

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