The Ohio Controlling Board will discuss next week whether to allocate an additional $9 million to the Advanced Energy Fund, presumably to cover grant applications that have been received but not yet processed.

The Ohio Department of Development announced last week that it has stopped accepting new applications for the AEF grant, but the Department did not comment on the status of pending applications. It could be that those applications hinge on the Department of Development finding additional funding.

According to the agenda for the Ohio Controlling Board’s next meeting – which is scheduled for Monday, November 22 – the Department of Development has requested an additional $9 million for AEF grants, and the Board will consider the request at the meeting.

The grants are worth as much as $200,000 per qualified project. The Advanced Energy Fund is set to expire December 31, although there are some in the state legislature who are expected to push for an extension.

The Controlling Board is a seven-person board that is authorized to handle certain day-to-day adjustments to the state budget.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you abreast of any changes.