This week’s issue of Becoming a Strategic Partner features an essay by Dr. Srikumar Rao on happiness. He makes the case that it is our nature to be happy, but we rarely experience it because we associate it with getting something. We confuse happiness with gratifying our ego:

When you want something — and you get it — there is a brief moment when you are content, when you are not your habitual wanting self. And in that moment, you experience the happiness that is always a part of you. You are content. And full. But the very next moment, some other desire raises its ugly head and you are off on another fruitless quest for happiness. It is a never-ending cycle.

The problem is that you do not realize why you experience that moment of happiness. You do not recognize that it is because, at that moment, you are free from want.

Enjoy, truly enjoy, what you have. It’s OK to strive for what you do not have but want; but strive joyfully, knowing that the pleasure is in the doing, not in the getting. If you succeed, wonderful. If you do not, still wonderful.

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