The latest issue of Becoming a Strategic Partner features a brief essay about personal substance and professionalism, by Dr. Tony Alessandra:

To get anything significant accomplished, you must work hard, possess energy, and demonstrate drive. But to truly influence others, you also need a mission.

It isn’t enough just to come up with a “mission statement” that merely sounds good or looks sharp on paper, though that’s a start. Instead, to be effective, your mission has got to come from your heart. It’s got to grow out of a sense of what’s important in your life and in your world.

The most effective missions involve helping others. Often, it’s acquiring that mission that catapults people into a leadership role, which puts them in a position to exercise personal power.

Alessandra cites two examples: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with Apple Computer and Candy Lightner, who founded Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

The entire essay can be found here.

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