Kay Brogle, Rob Ford and Betty Kliemann
Kay Brogle, Rob Ford and Betty Kliemann

Healthy Moms & Babes is, in the words of president and CEO Kay Brogle, “a relational agency.” Staff members at the local not-for-profit get to know intimate details of mothers’ lives and often must have difficult conversations with them.

“At times like that, it helps to have a little bit of a relationship there, a trust,” Brogle said.

So when she and business manager Betty Kliemann had to find a new accounting firm, they were drawn to Barnes Dennig in large part because they sensed the same passion for building relationships, not simply billing hours.

In the two years since hiring Barnes Dennig, Healthy Moms & Babes’ audit and accounting needs have grown. They have found considerable value in having advisors who know their mission, their organization and their people.

“I know Barnes Dennig is big and they’re well-known and they’re pretty influential, but they’re willing to work with small and medium non-profits,” Brogle said, “and I feel like we’re just as important as a big contract they might have, with 500 employees and a $10 million budget.”

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