Brian Robinson is the Senior Vice President, CFO and Treasurer of General Cable Corporation and a graduate of the University of Dayton and answers our question, “Why Accounting?”

“Over twenty years ago I asked myself this question as I entered college.  Today I can look back on my decision to study Accounting as one of the better decisions I have made.  The study of Accounting and preparation for the CPA examination taught me basic disciplines early on such as:  attention to detail; intense preparation for a goal; the related importance of having a plan for success; and, self-responsibility for the achievement of a goal.

My undergraduate study of Accounting also opened the door to a number of long-term career opportunities and business relationships.  I have used these basic building blocks, along with my natural curiosity about the world, to steadily advance my career.  Every day I apply the basic skills and disciplines which the study of Accounting distilled in me early on.”

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