Employee Benefit Plan Operations: Protect Against Fraud

As the employee benefit plan audit season gets underway and the Form 5500 due date to the Department of Labor approaches, plan sponsors should take this time to examine the company’s employee benefit plan operations and related fraud risks. Most plan sponsors rely on a third party administrator to handle

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How Technology Advisory Services Usher Rapid Growth

Some companies need a helping hand during rapid growth.  At times, just keeping up with customer demands can keep an IT department busy for months or years.  When that happens, it may make sense to have a trusted advisor help you stop and take stock of operations. In a recent

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City of Albuquerque Scammed Out of $420,000

This past March, the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, fell victim to a wire scam resulting in approximately $420,000 of lost taxpayer money.  The scam allegedly occurred when a fraudster made an illegitimate request to change vendor payment information, thereby routing funds to the scammer.  It is uncertain at this

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