Not-For-Profit Benchmarking Report

Benchmark Your Not-for-profit
Are You Prepared to Handle Your Organization’s Future?

Are you competitive with other area not-for-profits? Are the compensation and benefits you offer in line? What activities are others using to raise funds? What goals and roles do other organizations task their board with? Our not-for-profit benchmarking study–“All Hands on Deck”–looks at these trends and much more.

Our 2015 study of 91 local not-for-profit organizations found:

  • Staffing will remain the same except for healthcare organizations who are anticipating increases.
  • Salaries for executive directors/presidents/CEOs range from a low of $83,400 to a high of $176,164, with an average of $121,307.
  • 84% of respondents accept online contributions and another 6% are looking to do so.
  • Board committees vary greatly with the most common being executive, finance and development.
  • Three-fourths of all audit committees have CPAs as members.

This 50 plus page report looks at organizations with fewer than 10 employees to those that have more than 200 employees. Respondents work with small budgets under $2.5 million and budgets over $10 million.

Download the report preview Download the report preview here.