This week’s edition of Becoming a Strategic Partner features an essay on planning by John C. Maxwell. He cites the ARC Tunnel, the multi-billion dollar project that the governor of New Jersey recently cancelled because of massive cost overruns. With better planning, the New Jersey Transit Authority could have avoided the large amounts of waste and fraud that overwhelmed the project.

The lesson from the ARC Tunnel is applicable to projects of all size. Even if your intentions are good, your efforts can be wasted if you do not properly plan ahead. Maxwell writes:

As a leader, you may be tempted to initiate action without taking the time to map out plans. After all, it feels unproductive to think about how to do something when you could simply roll up your sleeves and start making things happen. However, it’s far less of an investment to prepare for a project in advance than to repair a project after it has gone awry.

Strategy functions as a leader’s blueprint, playbook, or script. It aligns action and focuses energy toward a goal, preventing costly delays and wasted resources. By following a coherent strategy, leaders arrive at a predetermined destination instead of wandering in an uncertain direction.

To read the entire essay, click here.

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