Why?  Enormous demand.  Tremendous opportunities. Exciting appeal. Excellent pay.  More flexible work culture.  Bringing value.

In a capitalistic society there is no more valuable college academic major than accounting…that is if you have the aptitude and attitude suited to pursue it.  It is not a major for those who just want to ‘get by’ in college.  It does require a commitment to hard work and focus.  But for those who pursue this major, and succeed in meeting its challenges, the career rewards are significant.  It allows you to be considered in the group of the ‘Premier Professions’ medicine, engineering, law, scientific research, computer technology, and higher education.  It also provides substantial earning potential with salaries ever on the increase.

No matter if your long-term goals are to be a Partner in a Public Accounting Firm, CEO, CFO, COO, Treasurer, Tax Director, Financial Planner, Wealth Manager, HR Leader, Attorney, FBI Agent, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Professor…or a host of other career possibilities…accounting is the foundation of everything that goes on in a free-enterprise system.  If the CEO does not have an academic background in accounting, it is a good bet the person closest to him / her in the organization does have.  Those who lead organizations always need to know where the money comes from…and where the money is going.  When a leader loses sight of this, their future, or their organization’s future is short lived.

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