According to Business Week (September 13, 2007), Accounting firms have raced to the head of the pack! Want to know why? Enormous demand, tremendous opportunities, exciting appeal, excellent pay, more flexible work culture and bringing value. Are you glad you chose this career path?No matter if your long-term goals are to be a Partner in a Public Accounting Firm, CEO, CFO, COO, Treasurer, Tax Director, Financial Planner, Wealth Manager, HR Leader, Attorney, FBI Agent, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Professor…or a host of other career possibilities…accounting is the foundation of everything that goes on in a free-enterprise system.  If the CEO does not have an academic background in accounting, it is a good bet the person closest to him / her in the organization does have.  Those who lead organizations always need to know where the money comes from…and where the money is going.  When a leader loses sight of this, their future, or their organization’s future is short lived.  (Reference ENRON; TYCO; WORLD COM.)From a hiring perspective the recruiting professionals from all the public accounting firms in this country scour the earth each year searching for the best and the brightest accounting grads.  The real story is that there are not enough of these professionals to go around. Several reasons for this.

  • Lack of career information related to the profession,
  • The rumor is the ‘public accounting’ image may be tarnished,
  • Accountants are too often painted as “techies,”
  • Most high schools do not have an academic introduction program, or prep program, for students who might have an interest in the accounting profession, and
  • The ever-decreasing population.

There has never been a better time for someone to pursue a career in accounting.  By all accounts majoring in accounting is one of the very best ways you can assure yourself of a challenging, personally satisfying, prestigious, secure, and financially-rewarding career. 

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